The Recipe Collection


So you’ve decided to take on the challenge to eat a diet that’s 75% plant-based. Great! Now what on earth do you make for dinner?

Look no further than right here for some delicious, simple recipes to start experimenting with. Every single one of the recipes here have been tested by one of us here at WellPsyche and have our seal of approval. Let us know what you like, what you modify and what you’ll be making again and again.

Starting to follow a plant-based diet is often really overwhelming. Our hope is that this site will be a great source of information and inspiration for you, making your transition much easier!

First, we want to emphasize that following a plant-based diet can take on many different forms. Everyone’s path will be different and that is OK. We know plant-based dieters who still eat chicken, some that eat fish, some that eat diary and some that follow strict vegan guidelines (no animal products, ever). You have to find what works for you. Here are some general guidelines to get you started on your plant-based lifestyle. How extreme you want to be with each of these suggestions is up to you.

  • Incorporate at least 4 fruits and vegetables into every meal
  • Use plant-based substitutions for meat and dairy whenever possible
  • Drink freshly pressed fruit and veggie juices daily
  • Eliminate or limit consumption of eggs and milk (including cheese)
  • Eliminate or limit consumption of processed foods/refined sugar
  • Eliminate or reduce the amount of animal derived products you consume daily (this might include honey, fish, shellfish, beef/turkey or chicken broth, etc.)

Remember, these are just suggestions and you don’t have to follow each point if it doesn’t work for you. Also, you can eliminate certain foods slowly over time and doing this will allow you to really see the effects of your diet on your overall wellbeing.

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