Considering Yoga for ADHD.

In an extensive review of the literature in 2009, researchers looked at the use of yoga to treat children with ADHD. The results of the few studies they found were mixed, but did suggest a potential benefit of yoga for ADHD symptoms.

The long periods of concentration required by yoga are thought to potentially help reduce attention deficits. In addition, yoga may produce a state of calmness and contentment which is lacking in patients with ADHD.

Research on the use of yoga for adult ADHD is even more limited. However, there is significant research supporting many health benefits of a regular yoga practice. This image from Harvard Health Publications demonstrates some of those benefits:

Yoga Infograph

Practicing yoga regularly may help improve your overall health, and that is always a step in the right direction.

Up next we will explore the different types of yoga and talk more about the benefits of mindfulness and deep breathing.

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